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True or False

1. An increase in the amount of a particular hormone would mean an abnormal result.

2. Stimulation Test could be a confirmatory test for Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism.

3. Blood Samples are drawn in time intervals to make sure that the gland have been stimulated.

4. Stimulation Test is only for Growth Hormone.

Fill in the Blanks.

The patient should have fasted for (5)_________________. Then the blood is drawn after. With an close medical supervision the patient will be given an (6)___________________ of insulin or (7)_________________. Samples are drawn at (8)__________________, wherein the physician would be able to check if the gland had been stimulated. (9) __________ levels are tested to see if the pituitary gland had been stimulated. An (10)________________ in results would be the normal results.


A 45 year old man with the following results
GH: -1.8 ng/ml
T3: 3micg/dl
T4: 0.4 micg/ml

Reference Values:
GH - 0-3 ng/ml
TSH - 0.4 -4.8 mIU/L
T3 - 4.4-12.5 micg/dL
T4 - 1.95 - 9.9 micg/ml
He went to the physician for a routine check-up. The Physician ordered a stimulation Test.

What would be the expected result for the following (increase or decrease):

a. GH
b. TSH
c. T3
d. T4

What would be the diagnosis? ___________________
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elmot said...

can i answer number 1 question? Just a layman's wild guess. I think the answer is no, ehehhe! I think it is normal once in while the our hormones increases and decreases which also effects some behavioral, emotional and physical changes. Abnormalities would only come in when there is already and excessive hormonal change in amount.

Hahhaha! I hope Mam Jena would not scold me for coming over and saying some things I do not really know, eheheh!

Just dropped by to say hi to all CC bloggers.

Jai ho! :D

Virginia Gaces said...


Is Sir Elmot correct?

ERIKA said...

yah.. he is. =)an increase in the amount of hormone wouldn't always mean a abnormal result. especially in stiulation tests. :)

Virginia Gaces said...


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