Drug Testing In Schools: To Pee or not To Pee

Do YOU think Drug testing in School Admissions be a requirement???


A School is the haven of young people that aims to instill morality, patriotism and especially the virtues of good citizenship. I believe to achieve and to start this aim of a school, drug testing in school admissions must be a requirement. And besides, students who doesn't do anything wrong have nothing to fear.

Are drug testing really necessary? I believe this test is a must for: SECURITY, DISCOURAGE THE YOUNG TO USE DRUGS, and PROMOTE GOOD HEALTH. The purpose of this test is not to catch offeneders but rather to prevent the young people (not only the young people) from offending. It is never administered to punish students who are intaking drugs but to keep the students away from being habituated with drugs or worse, addicted.

This is not actually about DRUGS but rather it is about YOU.


Virginia Gaces said...

Noted. Kindly see me ASAP.

Holly Jahangiri said...

What a wonderful post title!

It is a good point, that testing is to prevent, rather than to catch, drug abuse. If it serves as a deterrent, then it is probably a very good thing. But I would also hope any positive tests would be repeated, or the prospective student counseled, to avoid robbing someone of a chance at a good future. Mistakes do happen.

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